Hello Readers,

Today is the big day. Today is the day I finalize my plans for Valentine’s Day

I have done thorough research and am 100% sure that Sasha is leaving her photo shoot at 2pm this afternoon. When she leaves, the Curious Cupids will burst into song the second the studio door opens. I’m sure she’ll be flabbergasted, and undoubtedly, photo shoot mascara will start streaming.

Once the serenade portion of the afternoon is over, Captain Cornelius Cupid will give her my rose-scented letter. See the contents below:

Dear Sasha,
You’re cute and famous. I’m cute and famous.
Therefore, I’ve selected you to be my Valentine. Congratulations!
Pick you up at 7.
xoxo, Max

Oh, my romanticism shocks even me at times.
Talk soon!