Greetings to those fortunate enough to be called friends and all others,

After the humans realized I have no understanding of the word negotiate and agreed to my demands, excuse me I misspoke, contractual conditions; I, Max, have decided to re-enter the blogging world.

It is true, I have missed the adoration of my fans. I will also admit that it has been a chore dealing with the humans in this place they call Ultra Pet. You would think that some brain cells came with all that extra height. Au contraire mon frere. The same tedious questions are repeated on a daily basis, “How are you Max?”, “Are you hungry Max?”, “Where’s Max?”. Never do they speak of my food bowl not being completely full to the top, the bag of treats they sparingly dole out as if they were golden nuggets or that I must sit in pure agony, staring out the door at the patch of grass just to the left of the dogwood tree. It almost seemed as if my dreams of human servitude were not going to be realized. Until you, my fortunate friends and others requested the return Max’s World

So let’s reconnect. I’m unbelievably anxious to speak to the outside world about my life and daily frustrations. If nothing else, maybe my wise words will help you manage your human interactions with the grace and tolerance I exude each day. One can hope.

With love,