Holy holy guacamole…what a day!!!

I began this morning as a self-respecting, beautifully coiffed feline…and ended it naked exposed to the world. Oy vey. Another creature falls victim to the furminator.

The furminator. Have you heard of this torture device? If not, I suggest checking your human’s computer history…if you see any signs of this terrible tool, clear the cookies and just run. Run as far as you can…then take it a few more miles. This experience is no joke.

Apparently, humans use this device to circumvent the natural shedding of fur. They pullllllll this comb through your hair to get rid of any loose fur hanging about…except for it’s not loose. They’re just pulling your hair out…talk about a cat fight. I look ridiculous. Couldn’t they have at least hired a professional to get this done? Maybe someone from Salon Couture? Whatever. It’s too late now.

Needless to say, I have cancelled all social engagements for the next few weeks. I’m also in the market for a nice toupee. Let me know if you hear of anything.

I fought the furminator and the furminator won.

Awkwardly yours,