Dear fans,

How are you? I hope well (fed) of course! It’s summertime here in the Ultra Pet headquarters and it feels like the birthdays, cookouts, and reunions are a daily occurrence these days.
But enough of the small talk: I wanted to write you guys a quick note to let you in on a little ultracatsecret. Shh.

I’ve decided to write my memoirs. Per continuous request, I have finally decided to let the proletariat in on some of the fabulousness of my former lives. I am currently trying to decide if I should publish with Penguin (but I hate their graphics) or Little, Brown and Company (more personal)…but honestly, it may just come down to a bidding war. Only time will tell.

For the time being, I am focusing on chapters and outlines. Considering starting with my first life (Egyptian Royalty) and going through the 1970s era (Studio 54, Warhol Muse, Etc). Frankly, those stories are enough to fill the first book in the trilogy…and I want to stretch things out as much as possible ($$$).

Thoughts? Recommendations? Any advice from published authors is welcome.

Talk soon,