Dear Friends,

As I am sure you are familiar, we feisty felines have a tell-tale sign that can end an argument in a second…or at least warn our adversary that a storm is brewing! It’s called, conveniently, the TAIL.

With that furry little bit of heaven starts twitching, time to close up shop. Sometimes the impetus may be as arbitrary as a light touch or not light enough noise…and sometimes it’s because your toddler nephew is using our fluffy appendages as a chew toy. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason…but respect the tail. Every single time.

I heard a story once about a young guy who thought this habit was “funny”…so he would agitate his Siamese until it did something rash. Folks…that is what I would like to call entrapment. Cats can be framed, too!

Word to the wise…do not participate in this nonsense. Your corneas will appreciate the care and concern.

Hasta la vista,