Good Afternoon, Friends!

This week has been quite the interesting one. During my Career Day hilarity, I had the good luck to run into Thomas the Therapy Cat.

Confused? Well, I was a little, too! With that said, now I am completely on board with the genius idea. Did you know that it is not altogether uncommon for even-tempered felines to register themselves as therapeutic. Once certified, these brave souls can work with children or adults (particularly the elderly) to soothe anxiety, stress, depression, and assist with developmental disabilities. How cool!

I thought about volunteering myself, but then I read this line on Wikipedia:

The most important characteristic of a therapy cat is its temperament. A good therapy cat must be friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease in all situations.

Ummmm…maybe I’ll just host a thank you fish fry at my house.

In fellow feline respect,