Dear Felines and Feline Enthusiasts,

Humans really have an interesting way of approaching sleep. Sometimes you hear them brag about how little sleep they have and how hard they are working (the horror!) and conversely you sometimes overhear conversations of guilt over having too much sleep (is there such a thing?!).

With that said, I do think there are a few lessons our species can take away from one another. I have compiled a short little list for your enjoyment! Together, I think there is the chance for us to meet in the middle. If not, we need to bring them over to the dark (and relaxed) side. Enjoy!

1- Steal the covers if you want to. I have seen this time and time again…and humans are merciless to one another in this department! Get or get got.

2- If you want a snack in the middle of the night, don’t be too lazy to take a little stroll. My human feasts at 1 or 2 am regularly…whereas I think my feline friends tend to get swept up in the cocoon of glorious sleep.

3- Continuing your day without the proper amount of sleep makes no one happy. It’s the opposite of sports, just don’t do it. I have seen my human go into work time and time again after a sleepless night…and it ain’t pretty. Act like a cat and try again! All meetings cancelled until further notice.

4- Lone wolves, or bobcats, sleep better. Adding another creature to the mix is a recipe for annoyance and disrupted sleep.

5- Wear furry or footy pajamas. Cozy is as cozy does, Ultracats!
Now…go rest up sleep warriors!

Sweet dreams!