Dear Animal Lovers,

I think we can all agree that rescuing a pet is a noble and rewarding choice. I also think that we can agree that these street-savvy creatures are a sturdy, resilient, and honorable group!

To give these sweet things a little deserved attention, I’ve compiled a list to highlight how you can spot a tried and true rescue pet. Enjoy!

1- They are understandably protective of their rescuer…wouldn’t you be?

2- They eat fast and have enough sense to not leave the kitchen when someone’s cooking. Have you seen the way humans cook? Crumbs everywhere.

3-Sometimes they have really strange or surprising names. This can be due to where they were found OR because their current human did not name them. Ever heard the Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue?

4- They are fairly flexible about their sleeping arrangements. Laundry basket, fresh box, between your feet on the bed, whatever works….no complaints!

5- They look happy all of the time 🙂

Feel free to add your thoughts below!

Take Care,