Dear Humans,

CATch me if you can!! It’s Christmas tree time and I have never been so stoked…this old cat still has a few good climbs in him!

Every year, I say I’m going to leave these shenanigans to the younger folk…and every year I push all of the itty bitty kitties out of the way! No stop until the top, young ones!

Last year, I admittedly imbibed too much on Thanksgiving and nearly toppled the tree…but this year my human beat me to the punch and put up the tree BEFORE Thanksgiving! Hallelujah!

How high do you guys think I will be able to get? My goal is to leave a fur crown on the angel up top to confirm to all that I summited the peak.

What about my other readers? Any best practices or tips? Which ornaments are the best for knocking around and which should be avoided? Thank goodness people don’t use old-fashioned glass designs anymore…those poor things were only good for one good round on the hardwood!

Don’t get caught on the lights!