Halloween is here and one of my (few and far between) pet peeves is about to surface in droves. While I have never been one to deny the fun of a good costume party, I am consistently offended by one particular outfit.

Will someone please explain to me what a skintight jumpsuit, felt misshapen ears and no tail have to do with being a cat? Anyone?? Yes, that’s what I thought.

Partygoers please be advised of the following:

1) offensive to belittle the species with cheap leopard print and spandex
2) not scientifically accurate at all. Where’s the fur? The claws? Are you a Siamese, Persian, Tuxedo, or Tabby?? The term “cat” doesn’t really tell us much, does it?

Geez, Louise. (not quite sure who Louise is and if she is wearing a “cat suit” or not but we’re going with it) Get some information, then get back to me. However, if anyone wants to dress up as Max the Ultra Cat…now that makes sense. If you dial 1-800-maxultracat and leave a message, I will work out a deal for you.

Take Care,