As you know I am not the type to complain. I’m very easy to please…I only want the best. I’m very clear about my wishes; always giving my requests enough time to be handled appropriately.

As I mentioned in my last blog, we recently celebrated my birthday. I love my Born Day. I get to bask in the limelight, host guests at the Presidential Palace, and receive beautiful gifts. Honestly, the gifts are my favorite part…and everyone knows it. To make attendees’ lives easier, every year I compose a Gift Wish List and distribute with the party invite. Smooth sailing, right? Um, NO. Apparently it is NOT.

Can you believe that not ONE of the honored guests brought the diamond collar I requested? Not one! And to think, I had a backup plan for receiving more than one (return, use cash for daily seafood delivery). Did these people use my list to feed the fireplace? Clearly the document wasn’t used for its intended purpose!

Needless to say, I’m a little bitter. And collarless. Bitter and collarless. I may just write a song about it tonight (titled, “Diamonds and Disappointment”).
Turn my pain into art and all that…

Thanks for nothing ya’ll,