Hello Friends,

In the (somewhat edited) words of the King of Pop, let me take you to the max PSE! It really is something else to be considered a “Pet Sitter Extraordinaire” and I am here to help you achieve that certification. To really drive your business, you have to use your brain and heart to make yourself stand apart.

For your convenience, I’ve included a quick list below to get you started. Good luck!

1- Always arrive early. You need time to acquaint yourself with the pet you will be serving…before their regular help leaves the home.

2- Introduce yourself in a warm and loving high-pitched voice for respect. If you normally sound like Barry White, better have someone stomp your toes–then channel that inner Adam Levine falsetto.

3- Bring treats. Preferably ones the current human does not keep for nutritional reasons. Introduce as soon as full-time manservant leaves.

4- Take lots of walks. Some with the pet and plenty alone. Chances are that your host is a little annoyed by you and needs some time solo. Sorry.

5- Receive any attention given by open arms, but don’t force it. Pardon your host if they don’t want to sit in your lap minutes after meeting…don’t be weird.

Does this help? I think I am really getting to another level with this coaching initiative. Feel free to comment with (positive and congratulatory) comments or suggestions.

All the best,