It has recently come to my attention that is becoming perfectly acceptable for adults (feline, human, and otherwise) to consider themselves “Beliebers.” Now at first breath, this sounds unimaginably outrageous.

Hear me out–at first I was a member of the astounded, and a wee bit judgmental, group. Isn’t he still twelve years? Has that egging the neighbor’s home thing ever been settled? Has he found his shirt drawer yet? Valid questions, you see.

But then I listened to the music! Granted, we’re not dealing with Bach here…but this mess is catchy! Surprisingly too, the meaning resonates! Who hasn’t needed to decipher an especially fickle paramour?? Don’t you all remember my
particularly rocky relationship with Sasha, the foxy flaxen-haired feline on our Litter Pearls packaging? Models, I tell ya…what do you mean?!

Anyways. Thought I would reach out if any of you older cats were struggling with a new affinity for the Beibs, too.

Peace and Hair Gel,