Hi folks,

Max here with a little nostalgia for everyone! Remember the name-based descriptions we all used to make in elementary school? How fun was that? As time progresses, I’m sure we all could make statements that are little more interesting, and I dare say edgier, than our “happy” and “likes N*Sync” choices of times past.

So, with no further adieu, here is the Revised ’14 version for Maximus the Great.

M- Much-loved naysayer, humorist, and aspiring hunter
A- Always up for a spot of ‘nip and an episode of CSI
X- Xerox enthusiast, the warmth makes for great napping
I- Intelligent and extraordinarily observant…I always know when it’s 5 am.
M- Moves with cat-like grace. Oh wait…
U- Up for fun, as long as everyone does what I ask.
S- Super excellent dog ignorer/trainer

Your turn!