The high rollers took to Facebook and really put their best paw forward! We had over 1,000 commenters on our Facebook post and the lucky winner was the lovely Ms. Kristy F….and her three fabulous furry friends of course!

Most importantly…who’s going to be next? I surely hope you didn’t miss the deadline, but if so, keep a lookout on our NEON Litter Facebook page for future chances to win.

Until then, I highly recommend picking up a bag of NEON Litter to get the party started early! Believe me…your cat will rave!

Be warned though: there ain’t no party like a NEON party. Prepare accordingly and get the sunglasses, music, and hydration prepared! Your cat may not leave the powder room for hours.

No such thing as too much of a good thing!

Twitter: @maxtheultracat