Hola Fans,

My most favorite holiday is upon us and I have been brainstorming ALL week on my Halloween costume. Since it is an election year, I don’t doubt that many party-goers  (especially felines) will be dressing up as Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. You know we’re a political bunch and all!

But not for me. I need something more approachable and realistic. I want to FOOL people, not particularly terrify them. Also, self-tanner and pantsuits just aren’t my thing. With that said, I do love a little shock value…so I’m gallivanting into the unknown. Into a stratosphere I have always avoided like the plague. Into a world of blind loyalty and wagging tails.

I’m going as a dog! I need to see how the other side lives. Most of all, I want to see what the fuss is about…because honestly, I don’t get it! Why do people go crazy over these mongrels? Only Max can find out!

I have explored the interwebs for various canine costumes (from Pluto to Brian from Family Guy), but the most believable has been the Taco Bell chihuahua. I am a small fellow, so unfortunately my most accurate pup costumes are of the ankle-biting persuasion. Oh well…must work within my means!

My costume arrives today, so I am planning a trial run at PetSmart. I will have my human take me in on a leash (how funny!) and give me the grand tour…all the while taking notes and voice recordings as I go. This is both sociological reserarch and holiday fun, you see. An UltraCat is always working!

Any puppy best tips? Should I carry a water bottle to fake a wet muzzle? Do I HAVE to be excited to see people?

This is going to take all of my formal training in method acting, I can already tell.

Wish me luck!