Wowza, this whole yoga world is something else. I am a hard one to surprise, but their culture is more than a little unorthodox—at least in my world! I attended a class today for theatrical research and phew! My eyes were wide the entire time!

To keep my observations succinct, I have included a short list of my takeaways below:

Things Cats Do Not Know About Yoga

1- Humans actually know how to enjoy a lengthy stretch. I certainly never see this around my house, as much as I try to lead by example, but apparently this knowledge DOES permeate the human brain!
2- Humans are nicer when they don’t wear shoes. It’s a weird phenomenon I witnessed.
3- When pets are placed in the mix, the humans get stricter with their poses. Must be a competition thing.
4- One of the most common poses is named after a dog. I think this is because dogs are common.
5- There is a nap included at the end! My kind of exercise!

Interesting tidbits, no? I’ll let you know if I find out more!