Don’t be a fool, #ravecats!! Leave that mess for the pups!

What do you all have planned for today? Any fake mice in the bed?? A midnight false alarm?? Give me some ideas!

Right now I am focusing all of my energy on terrorizing the house canine. I’m thinking of using the ole fake toy throw trick…or just acting like I like him for once and then pop! a paw in the face…Happy April Fools, Sucker!

Is that too mean? I am trying to cut back. If nothing else, I’ll go for the human. Pour a little OJ in his shoe and pretend like I didn’t want to mess up my #litterart…then I’ll have April Fools written in NEON!

Toss any better ideas my way— I really want to make this the best year ever! Stay savvy out there!

Peace and pranks!