Talent Development

At the UltraPet headquarters, we have recently been working quite a bit on product development. As my past few posts have detailed, there are some magnificent ideas circling around. As a leader in the feline business world, I could not be more proud that my brethren are finally letting their voices be heard! Truly, as hard as […]

Ingenuity Overload

After my last post, I was inundated with fantastic suggestions for feline-friendly business plans. Who knew all you great, furry minds were out there waiting for a little bit of a push?? I did!! That’s why I’m your self-elected President, clearly. Anywho, I have complied a short list of the best ideas. If any strike your fancy, make […]

Building an Empire

Building an empire is tough. It takes stamina. And naps. But then more stamina. As the CEO and President of UltraPet, I have had the chance to immerse myselfin the global economy tremendously over the past few years. For the most part,litter is an essential part of a cat’s home. With that said, why not […]

A Serenade to Coffee

As anyone who partakes in social media knows, there are thousands of funny memes and photos of coffee deprived humans, kittens, cartoons, etc…because, if we’re honest—the pain is real! In honor of this symbiotic relationship, I have written a little ditty for those who can relate.   A Serenade to Coffee You’re dark as night And light as […]