Caturday Calling!

Happy Caturday, #RAVECATS!!! How are you living the NEON life tonight? Reuniting with old friends? Attending a #catparty? Cracking open a jumbo can of Starkist? Sleeping in a pile of warm laundry?? Whatever the next few hours hold for you, I hope they’re filled with all the wonders of cat-dom! Don’t forget your royal seat […]

Monday Schmonday

Feeling the Mondaze here folks!! Anyone else?? As a dedicated #ravecat, the weekends are always my fave…and the work week starts off as a DRAG! 1. I don’t like to wake up early, unless it’s to passive-aggressively annoy my human. 2. I don’t always like to wear a suit, sometimes neon spandex is what speaks […]

NEON Goals

Dear Readers, It’s a slow day in the office. My photo shoots have been cancelled and the minions are all typing away at their little boxes…with not a single free hand to pet Max! The audacity. Since I’ve got a little free time on my hand, I decided to do a little branding brainstorming. Tell […]

Fat Tuesday=Wimpy Wednesday!

Dear Ravecats, Boy, what a night! As you all know, yesterday was Fat Tuesday and you can bet the NEON office partied hard!! We gave out beads that coordinated with our awesome litter hues and instructed everyone to have a blast!! The craziest part? The #litterart was better than it has ever been! Something about […]

Max’s Hawaii List

Hi Folks, I needed a safe place to keep my packing list for my trip. I figured you all would be able to keep me accountable AND I wouldn’t be able to lose the darn slip of paper. See below: 1. NEON litter. LOTS of it. In EVERY color. 2. Litter pans. The brighter the […]

Fur-ocious Leader

Dear Friends and Countrymen, Happy President’s Day, eh? What a time to be alive! Any of you wishing you would’ve backed my bid, yet? That’s what I thought, cat lovers! Anyways, on this most revered of days, I would like to take a moment to recognize myself as the PRESIDENT of my company. The first […]

Research and Development- Part III

APPROVED!!! My trip was approved #ravecats!!!! How bow dah?!?!? I am so excited to jet out late next week and take my sunbathing and science to an entirely new level!! Do cats even tan?? Should I shear my mane?? Hm…may need to hit up the interwebs for some more details I guess! Either way, I […]

Research and Development- Part II

Dear Readers, The fight for Hawaii continues. Now the NEON board wants me to present a plan of action for my trip, if funded. Something tells me that Mai Tais and Polynesian chicken shouldn’t top the list? Okay, in all seriousness, I do plan to use the time for good! In between snorkeling and sushi, […]

Research and Development- Part I

Dear Followers, This week, I have been trying to convince the powers-that-be to send me on a month long sabbatical to work on R&D for NEON litter. They’re acting a little hesitant, and the pussyfooting is spearheaded by that uppity head of finance. He thinks that the company (MY company) shouldn’t foot the bill for […]

Hello Sweet Thing!

Dear Fans and Followers…will you be my valentine?? Please oh please, do not pass out from excite…I beg of you! If you’re curious,  I bestow this honor upon you because I have finally tired of the Leo DiCaprio-esque slew of supermodels. I need to focus my attention on loved ones who REALLY support me and […]