Serenade to Rave

Dear Readers, As a devoted #ravecat and NEON evangelist, I have to say that our lifestyle does not always get enough poetic credit. Sure, the pulsating beats are great for working up a sweat…but there’s a melody to it all as well! Something soothing and relaxing right? Perhaps some call it a NEON trance? To […]

Showbiz Stuff

Hello my friends! It is a happy day here at the NEON headquarters! We are continuing to work on our new video and I just LOVE days in front of the camera! What can I say…it’s where I belong! The office staff has been busy prepping the shoot, while I nibble on tuna tartare and […]

Max in the Press!

Hi Friends! As a leading mind in all things feline, I feel like it’s “pert near” time I hold a proper press conference! Whaddya think??? It seems like these are happening all around us right now, but I have yet to see one from the furry perspective! I call bullhockey! Maybe WE want to discuss […]

Super Bowl Peace

Dear Feline Friends, Please, please do not hold this against me…but I am officially denouncing my nature (just for the day) and wishing the ultimate success to a bird. Well, multiple birds. The #dirtybirds to be exact! Because really…who even likes the Patriots???? It’s a classic case of man versus nature. One wealthy with fake […]

Caturday Vibes

Dear Friends, Today…I just, I just woke up so lazy. More than cat lazy—more like lounging orangutan lazy. You get the picture…long stretches to reach food while lesser beings walk around and pet you? Very King Louie from Jungle Book? Yea, that was me. So uncharacteristic for a CEO and bosscat of my stature! I […]

Goodbye January!

Hi Friends! What is the longest, most humdrum month of the year you ask? The one that is GONE I tell you! BYE January. See ya never! (Kidding, see you in 11 months) Anyways. We are officially on a springtime countdown…a time when I can frolic among the birds, bees, and my human’s sneezes! Yippee! […]

Snow Day!

Well Ravecats, Welcome to January! It is one of those rare days in the South where the Devil’s Dandruff and Connecticut Confetti have draped our green hills! In other words…IT’S SNOWING! Don’t get it confused though, I am not excited about this turn of events. First of all, my wimpy office mates will surely feel […]


Time to look in the mirror, friends…it’s resolution time! Have you crazy cats sorted yours out yet? Any diet plans? Full on dog-shaming schemes? Perhaps an escape to the local national forest? Give me the deets! As for me, I am keeping it simple this year. Curious? Read below if so! 1. No more waking […]

New Year’s Eve, NEON Style!

Boy oh boy, Ravers… Is tonight going to be something special!! I have invited all of my favorite feline friends over and we are not holding ANYTHING back! It is officially 2017 and with it comes an entire new crop of adventures…and a few more lives for that matter! We have hired the same DJ […]

Santa Claws

Dear Santa Claws, I have spent some precious time this week thinking of others; therefore, I think it is time that you think of me. For Christmas this year, I have a few small requests–all listed below. Feel free to reach out via my blog if you need more specifics! 1. A cashmere climbing post. […]