Dear Florida

Hello all, I hope this post finds you fabulously well. More importantly, I hope you are in the midst of early spring and enjoying some tolerable weather at last. Unless you live in Florida. If this is the case, I don’t want to hear about it. The rest of us have been freezing our proverbial […]

Caviar Dreams and Patriotism: A Conundrum

Dear Readers, How are you? I hope safe and well. As I’m sure you all know, there is some serious stuff going on in our crazy world this week. Particularly, the situation in Russia and the Ukraine. Phew. Now for a cat, I think I’m fairly politically savvy…but this one has even me confused. Weren’t […]

H2H Communication (Human to Human)

Boy, is it me or are humans kind of strange sometimes? While waiting for a new episode of Survivor the other night, I decided to observe Boss Man and a friend. So crazy! They were talking about things neither cared about, offering water no one wanted, and sharing snacks they would rather have for themselves. […]

The Ghost Plane?

Well, well, well…if it hasn’t been another bizarre week in history. Seriously, what in the world is up with this missing aircraft? While the conspiracy rumors abound, I still feel completely in the dark. Goodness gracious. All I can say is that this Ultra Cat is staying put for quite some time…no ghost planing for […]

Congressional Honors

Well hello fans! Good to have you! I hope you all are feeling as chipper and inspired as this frisky feline today. Why so energetic you ask? Well it isn’t everyday you hear from a spiritual icon, folks. As you may or may not know, the Dalai Lama recently opened Senate with an emotional and […]

Poem of the Week-Feline Fame

It’s an odd thing this glamour I possess Quite often I’m looking for the rest Is there more? Should there be? Am I enough? Is Max me? He is Ultra That we know A man among cats A king among sheep He enlightens each day With wisdom galore He loves his followers And always craves […]

Spring Breaker

Hello party people! As you may or may not know, the time is near. What time you ask? THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE, OF COURSE! March is FINALLY upon us and the weather is (considering) warming up for a change! With an exceptionally chilly winter behind us, one can only assume you guys are as […]

And the Academy Award Goes To…

Max. For acting like he enjoys the presence of non-feline companions…day in and day out. Kidding! Not even my royal training at the Oxford School of Drama can help me pull that one off. All jokes aside, we all know the real star of the 2014 Academy Awards was…wait for it… JOHN TRAVOLTA and the […]

Taking My Love to [the] Max

Boy, has this been an odd week. As any of you who regularly read the tabloids know, I spend quite a bit of time in Nashville. I have a few great friends in Music City…and my publicist lives there, too. While I’m used to running into the occasional country singer when visiting, I was a […]

The Chipmunk Diet

I’m starving. Withering away like an autumn leaf…and it’s almost spring, for heaven’s sake!!! My wounds from the ring are still all-too-apparent and I can barely get down my morning Activia…let alone my weekly prime rib. Talk about torture. That godforsaken chipmunk really had it out for me…and I am living with the consequences. The […]