Dear Friends and Cat Family,

Today is the day! The day we FEAST and profess gratitude for things we generally pay no mind. While FEASTING! And thanking…but mostly the FEAST part!

Are you with me?? Now…here’s the real question…are any of you dutiful readers double-dippers? As in, multiple Thanksgiving dinners?? If so, I salute you.

I get it, on the outside it’s to satisfy extended families and in-laws. But if we’re being real…you know that every side of the family has that one dish where they show out! I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes…YOU NAME IT!

(Now if you can’t relate…search the interwebs for the “u name it” challenge featuring Shirley Caesar above!)

As a loyal domesticated feline, my feasting is limited to one household…hence my urging to host it at the Presidential Palace each year! Particularly, since this year is the first launch of NEON Litter, it will be a free-for-all…the tea glasses will be wrapped in glow sticks and we may have a snazzy little piece of #litterart as the centerpiece on the table!!

Any suggestions on who it should feature???

Groovy feasting to you and yours!