Now friends,

Do not let that headline fool you…I’m not ACTUALLY going to risk the masses. For heaven’s sake, I’m almost royalty. With that said, I do plan on rolling around in hundreds of shopping bags by the end of the night!

It is my human’s duty to foray into the wild, get deals, and bring back the spoils of his labor! Ie: bags and treats!!!

Now feline comrades…what have you asked for in all of this hullabaloo? You MUST get in one or two suggestions…as the hysteria these two-leggers embrace is nothing if malleable to our needs.

Perhaps some NEON Litter to spark up the holiday season? Maybe the chance to ask for every color and see how your #litterart skills are developing? It’s worth a try!!

If your plan works, here’s a quick link to get the deal going:

Tell your human to stock up for the holidays…cuz ain’t nobody got time to be litter shopping during the festive season! Also, happy cat = happy human (and vice versa, meow!).

Good luck!