Hello Readers,

As a young successful feline, I sometimes feel the pressure to have a fellow tabby by my side at parties and product launches. After my recent breakup, my friends have suggested online dating aps to spice up my time off the clock.

Is this a thing for cats? How do you even set a profile? Is it not daunting having so many people like you and send you flattering messages? I get enough fan mail as it is! Who has time for that nonsense?

On the other hand, it would be nice to have an intellectual conversation with attractive company. Can anyone complain about that? I dunno.

I have heard that aps like Bumble and Tinder accept all kinds, but really, I feel like we should create an online socializing platform specifically for the fur-inclined. I would call it Meow, just to keep things sassy.

If you liked someone, their phone could just meow. If the feeling wasn’t reciprocated, you could just hiss right back. All auditory and no need for opposable thumbs!

What do you think? In my expert business opinion, we need to package this idea and send it straight over to Palo Alto! Silicon Valley doesn’t have anything on an Ultracat with his mind set.

See you online?