Attention RaVeRs, Gamblers, and the like!!!

Time to win big. Las Vegas big!! Huge! And the lucky number is…drumroll please…THREE.

Tag THREE friends in our latest Neon Litter Facebook post and win THREE bags of #neonlitter for you and THREE friends.

C’mon big money!! For all you artistes out there, this is a sure fire way to amp up your litter art supplies. Heck, maybe you can even convince those three friends to trade their earnings in exchange for some ‘nip and caviar!

Who will you choose? Bob the Bobtail next door? Percy the Persian? The reclusive “cat lady” down the street? Pick wisely, as a litter friend is a friend forever!

As for me, I will retire soon to my own copious stash. There are some perks to being a Spokescat, after all 😉 #freelitterfreecats #winforyourfriends #teamwork #neonlitter #yourcatwillrave

Keep your eyes open for the Big Reveal!