Oh my heavens Ravecats!

This morning was NO party!!! I woke up to water pouring from the upstairs ceiling and total homeowner mayhem…at least the place isn’t in my name!! The pipes burst in the laundry room? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Yet another way cats are superior…we can clean ourselves and don’t need ornery machinery to keep us tidy!

Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the feline persuasion HATES water! It’s so cold and unnecessary! One quick sip here and there is all I need…not a monsoon raining down on me from above within the comfort of my own Presidential Palace!

My poor human. Typically it would make me giggle seeing him run around like a crazy person, but not today. He didn’t even have time to feed me first thing because he was trying to stop the gushing hot water! Blegh.

This little upset doesn’t appear like it will be cheap…so keep my Christmas list in your thoughts. I was really looking forward to that 14 carat gold collar.

Stay dry folks,