Happy Caturday, #RAVECATS!!!

How are you living the NEON life tonight? Reuniting with old friends? Attending a #catparty? Cracking open a jumbo can of Starkist? Sleeping in a pile of warm laundry??

Whatever the next few hours hold for you, I hope they’re filled with all the wonders of cat-dom! Don’t forget your royal seat in this world, my friends.

As for me, I’m thinking of indulging in my artistic talents a bit…testing out some #litterart to pitch to the powers-that-be! What would you guys like to see? I’ve already created a great depiction of our current president…so maybe Meryl Streep or Britney Spears this time? Suggestions welcome!

Whatever you end up doing kitties…make it BRIGHT!

In NEON we love,