Dear Followers,

Admittedly, I have been accused of fame and my CEO Cat title going to my head before…by lesser and jealous beings of course. With that said, the concept of Max “being caught up in the lights” took on a whole new meaning this evening…see photo above for a more descriptive look.

I did it! I couldn’t help myself! While scurrying down the tree for dinner, my poor little paw caught one of those tacky, outdated, and over-sized bulbs and took me down. Then, naturally, I panicked and tried to karate chop my way out…only to end up mummified by the Ghost of Christmas Past!!

And the worst part is…my human could not stop laughing!! He was clearly not concerned that the bulbs could burn off my glorious fur OR that my delicious dinner was getting cold in the next room- the audacity. Finally, after some angry growls the useless fellow came over and untangled me…I should’ve popped him one good time as I got out!

I will say though….being that close to technicolor lights did inspire me, friends. As a CEO Cat, I’m thinking that a Christmas blend of colors should be available in NEON Litter next year. My suffering must result in some sort of positive change in the world!!

Stay safe climbers,