Dear Readers,

As all of my furry friends know, one of our most important jobs is comforting our humans after a break-up. This recently came to mind as news of the Taylor Swift- Calvin Harris split hit the news.

How are Meredith and Olivia handling it?! These rare, but tender, moments are some of the most memorable times in a feline-human relationship. For me, as a he-cat and companion of a he-dude, it usually is comprised of a well-timed curl-up on the couch and some funny shenanigans. Also, if tears are shed, I’m there to keep his feet warm and not tell a soul.

For TSwift’s kitties, I’m thinking a lot of snuggles and constant affection is required. Whatever the case, I’m sure they are taking care of her. Cats are good like that. We’re not needy, but we know when we’re needed!

With love,