Hello UltraCats,

What a week! Today some of our #NEONlitter execs visited from the West Coast and man…it was a lot. As the CEO and Spokescat, there were a lot of expectations for me to perform. I had to be charming (not always my behavioral choice), funny (but not too sarcastic or mean), generous (this was a tough one), and punctual (no cat naps).

All of this was a fairly large adjustment, if you ask me! The team of five will be here all week and we have every day scheduled to a T! Now some of these guys and gals have never been to the South, so I figure that if we stuff them with enough BBQ and sweet tea all will be good. It’s hard to ask too many questions when your belly is full of Carolina barbecue and baked beans!

What about my readers? Have you guys ever had to host a big meeting? Any best practice tips? I am sticking to constant food and drink as my first step…next may be some #litterart with their name inscribed. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a monogrammed place to…well, you get the drift.

Max out!