Dear Friends,

As cats and cat lovers, we all know that sass is key. Sass is what keeps you classy, but makes things fun and puts wrongdoers in their place. Cats are sassy, no matter their breed or background. You should be, too.

To keep my literary tools in check, I’ve penned a short little poem honoring my favorite human and pet characteristic to date. It’s dutifully titled, “Dat Sass,”

Dat Sass

Oh boy, dat sass
It makes the ladies giggle
It makes the funny tears trickle

Oh girl, dat sass

It makes the naysayers shush
It makes the laughter rush

Oh kitty, dat sass

It separates you from the others

And if I had my druthers

Everybody would have dat sass

All would laugh and all would understand

That checking yourself is the best way

To not wreck yourself!

Got Sass????

Thoughts? Thinking about turning this into a song as well.