Dear Friends,

It is here. No more pitter-pattering around the subject…Election Day 2016 is among us!

Please uphold your civic duty, even if your vote is begrudgingly cast. As I mentioned last week, there is still time to write-in your first CAT president—should you be so inclined 🙂

Furthermore, it isn’t allllllll about that Commander in Chief role! There are other representatives on the ballot…and they matter, too! As a feline, I have to ask that you look into the candidate’s treatment of animals and laws surrounding our rights.

We need representatives who know how lucky humans are to have cats in America! Dogs, too!

Lastly, I know a lot of people/cats aren’t thrilled with the nominees this year. What can I do to help? Maybe send #neonlitter in best-selling colors to more desirable options next go ‘round?? We could even make custom #litterart!!

First up, Justin Timberlake. He acts, he sings, he’s a great comedian…why not the presidency?!?! See the photo above for further support on why he should be elected.