Why is this dog licking a perfect stranger you ask? As a cat, I can honestly tell you I have no idea. None!

I feel for this cat. This week, I am this cat. Uncomfortable is my new middle name, folks.

We are dog-sitting. Woof!

The licking…it never stops. Also, the barking…even on my Meditation Mondays!! Lastly, he had the audacity to stir up my #NEONlitter and turn my powder room into South Beach!! Grains of neon-hued cat litter as far as the eye could see…thank heavens it was newly poured!!

How do you guys cope in these scenarios? If it were spring, I would treat the pup to a day of all-day-outside-unsupervised fun…but with the chill coming on we are both stuck indoors.

Maybe I’ll invite all my friends over for a #catrave this weekend. That should do the trick.

Party on pooch!