Dear Ultracats,

This week continues to be ALL business. Part of our corporate team is in town and, after a day or two of copious eating, we have really gotten down to business. More so, we are digging into the FUTURE! Can YOU dig it?

Let me explain: word on the street is that the geniuses at NASA  are considering sending a CAT to space! A full on tabby, just like me! Which leads to a predicament…where will said national hero relieve him/herself?!

This is where NEON comes into play. We have been working all week with Research and Development to figure out a formula for gravity-defying cat litter…because honestly, who wants all of that floating around. Once this creation is perfected, #NEONlitter will be the brightest thing in space since Tang!

I have a feeling that after this is introduced, those astronauts may ask me to be the first one to fly. Not quite sure how I feel about leaving the comforts of the Presidential Palace at home…but I will keep you updated!

Stay groovy cats,