There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there #ravecats? I can tell you as one proud Bosscat to another…it sure did feel good! Look at how colorful and exciting our set-up turned out! It almost makes those hours with my coworkers in the car worth it! Almost…

Anywho, what do you think? I just can’t get enough of our litter art and brilliant packaging…maybe because my gorgeous face is on it 😀

It was also nice to meet new friends while we were there…sometimes you just don’t get enough time to talk cat business outside of the office! Ya hear me?? Everyone at the event really had their heads on straight..pets first, then the other guys! If all humans could be so bright…

Lastly, if any of you awesome readers were at the Expo or have pics, please share! I would love to connect outside of sunny Orlando!

Cheers to another successful #GlobalPetExpo!

Ta ta for now,