Dear Friends,

It is finally here! That beloved last month of the year…full of eggnog, fuzzy sweaters, bright lights, and deliciously noisy wrapping paper! Furthermore…that old favorite Christmas tree I love to climb!

Also…not to be a Grinch or anything…but SAYONARA 2016!! It’s been a doozy hasn’t it? I feel like I’ve burned through at least three lives this year!! Woof!

From political commentary, protests, that gorilla, and now CAROL BRADY?! Bring on ’17…this one can go eat cake. With that said, there have been some particularly lovely moments this year…most especially the launch of my NEON brand. When the world disappoints, at least you can find solace in the litter box! Can I get a second on that one??

What about you guys? Anything particularly amazing, or not so, stand out for the year? Let’s work through it together, furry friends!

In peaceful harmony,