Cheers Friends!

It is hotter than ever here in South Carolina and yet again my beautiful mane is getting in the way. I mean I love my long locks just as much as the next feline, but this time of year…whoowee!

To combat this ever present problem, I have finally devised a way to style my hair whilst looking and staying cool. Blame it on Kim Kardashian, but I think I’m going to start going with a French Braid. However, to toughen up the sound, I think I will call it the “Max Twist.”

School girls and dance teams have held a monopoly on this style for years…and they don’t even know what it’s like to be covered all over! Now maybe I won’t include the ubiquitous grosgrain ribbon, but I sure will use the style to tame my lion’s mane.

Do you guys have any solutions for this problem? The neighbor just gave his dog an all-over shave…but that seems a little extreme to me. I expect to be back to my old self in September.

Stay cool,