Let me tell you, this has been a great week! I’ve accumulated 70+ followers on Twitter (most of whom are cats!!) and feel like I am finally speaking to people who know the struggle. Whether we’re DM’ing (direct messaging for all you laymen) about our incompetent owners, talking about the latest kitty concert, or just sharing litter box tips, it’s always a good time. For instance, my buddy Snowball just informed me that humans don’t ever check their shoes for sharp objects…not that I would ever do something like that, but still! Power lies with the information holder.

Further, I sleep better knowing that my #maxisms are reaching searching minds. As an enlightened creature myself, it is only just to share this information (and if I’m ever to get my own reality show…well you know the rest). Also [and I know this is thinking a little ahead], I’m even considering posting my meditations on @youtube. Do you think Boss Man would mind filming such a thing? Heaven knows he could use it.

Speaking of, I just heard him yelling about the present I left by the front door. Better go assess the damage.

Talk soon!