Dear Readers,

As mentioned earlier this week, I am beginning to get a little worried that NASA will in fact ask me to be the first cat in space. With that, I do have a few nagging fears and concerns. After speaking with my pet therapist, I have decided to write these thoughts down to really understand them more and help me make a decision. Feel free to share your thoughts as well!!

Reasons I May Not Go Into Space

  1. What about McDonald’s? I need my weekly Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese or there is no deal.
  2. How will my hair fair? I have strict grooming appointments that must be kept.
  3. Will I lose my place in society? I won’t be able to play bridge with the neighborhood cats anymore.
  4. What will happen to my human? He needs me to remind him to wake up every morning at 5am.
  5. Will the other pets assert dominion? I cannot lose my prized spot on the couch.

See! These are all very valid concerns! Not to mention #NEONlitter…what if I miss the next #catrave or something! That would be a tragedy!

Keep me in your thoughts,