Hi friends,

Consider my Halloween plans ADJUSTED. That little gimmick I pulled yesterday touring PetSmart as the canine persuasion was ENOUGH FOR ME.

Heavens! That is no environment for a self-respecting feline. Not at all.

Do you know that strangers RAN to me?? Then, tried to pick me up?? The worst part is that I had to let them as to not break character…darn method acting!

Not to mention the humility of being put on a leash…we should be the one’s holding the leash! Have you ever seen a human around free samples?? Someone needs to reign that behavior in, folks!

But no, these poor pups are carried by leash to a GROOMING room with open mirrors…and the room is full of awkward little furballs! Right out there in the open…no modesty or common decency to be seen for miles. Bless their poor little dumb hearts!

Now friends, that is where I drew the line. I demanded my human return me to the Presidential Palace before someone scooped me up and forced me in that sudsy room. I dare a polo-clad employee to force a hair dryer on Max the Cat…even incognito.

I think I’m going to stick what I know best and go as a CEO for Halloween. Shouldn’t require too much effort and I’ll be able to use my current business cards.

Have fun and be safe ultracats!