Hi Readers,

Fashion week is here again, and this time, all I can see is Kardashian, Faux Kardashian (Jenners), and Yeezy.

Where have the original fierce felines gone? Cindy? Naomi? Ms. Evangelista?!!

Hm. Honestly, I like Katy Perry and she loves cats…can she be the new “it” girl? Maybe adopt fifteen siblings and book a photo shoot? It could happen!

What about you? Do you Keep Up? As an intelligent and well-educated businesscat, I would like to offer honest disdain and complete ignorance of the entire reality situation…but that wouldn’t be reality.

My name is Max the Cat and I have that mind goop recording On Demand each week. Khloe is my favorite, but second is Kylie because she actually looks like a feline fatale.

And if you see one of her makeup kits at the Presidential Palace, I ordered it for a friend. Okay?!

Not guilty,