Who did this?!?! Which one of your tricky kitties did a snow dance and brought on this late winter weather?? I was all ready for fun in the sun (and even went in for a quick fur trim) then BOOM! Snowstorm!

Ya’ll know I’m from the South right? We can’t handle this kind of surprise in March! I couldn’t even keep the front door open today to stare out of the glass…we are locked up like Fort Knox at the Presidential Palace!

My human isn’t happy either…he had to walk the dog in this mess! Not gonna lie, that part made me chuckle…but still! I would rather be stalking squirrels. How are you other cool cats faring? I hope your humans are treating you well with cozy laundry and warm milk…it’s the least they can do.

The only excitement I’m looking at today is a couple of twirls in my #NEONlitter. Talk about a bright spot in an otherwise drab and snowy day!

See you when it’s finally SPRING!

Big love,