Dear Friends,

The current political climate is tumultuous…to say the least. This week, I read the latest controversy involves the President Elect and his family wishing to live part-time at their home in Trump Tower.

Which leads me to my next question…why the HECK do I not have my OWN tower?! After all, I am the CEO and Spokescat of a VERY well-known and beloved consumer goods company. I am THE ultracat and live in the Presidential Palace, hello!!

It’s about time the world visits Max Tower. To honor my #NEONlitter, I will bedeck the building in colored lights and a strobe show every hour…kind of like the Eiffel Tower in France. Classy, no?

Inside, I will have three full floors dedicated to #catraves and then at least 20 floors for office space. Gotta make sure you cool cats are getting your litter on time!! Research and Development will also require a floor…still waiting on those nerds to create a massage seat litter box for the more royally inclined feline.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Which font should I use for the top of the building?

Talk soon!