Hi Folks,

I needed a safe place to keep my packing list for my trip. I figured you all would be able to keep me accountable AND I wouldn’t be able to lose the darn slip of paper. See below:

1. NEON litter. LOTS of it. In EVERY color.
2. Litter pans. The brighter the better.
3. Picasso’s greatest works cheat sheet. For inspiration.
4. Full techno library for ambience.
5. Beats by Dre headphones, must look legit.
6. Food, food, and more food…they make you pay for it on flights now!
7. Every charging cord possible. Mobile, USB, you name it.
8. Surveillance equipment for my research.
9. Flip flops.
10. Hair ties for my fur.
11. Bandanas to look like a local.
12. Human escort for heavy lifting.
13. Notebooks for jotting and looking scientific.
14. Nail clippers. No claws on the beach allowed.
15. Travel fan for any days over 75 degrees.

Any other suggestions? Remember this will be for business AND pleasure so the sky is the limit!

Now who wants to book the cargo ship to carry everything…

Talk soon,

Ps: I’ll buy my Hawaiian shirts there. No need to pack