Dear Friends,

As a wisened Cat CEO, I really never expected to fall into the raver lifestyle. However, with my latest GENIUS product…that is just what happened!!

Gotta walk the catwalk if you talk the talk, no?!

Seriously, if I don’t partake in these NEON Litter raves…then how the heck am I going to know if my product is receiving solid representation??

Bring on the glow sticks!! I’ve recently discovered that I also look really, really good in Technicolor. I can’t decide if neon pink or neon green is better? Either way, folks are raving.

What about you?? Are you adjusting to your new NEON Litter and the parties that have undoubtedly ensued? I bet so, you party animal!!

Next step: Free black lights with every purchase.

Peace out dudes!