Dear Readers,

It’s a slow day in the office. My photo shoots have been cancelled and the minions are all typing away at their little boxes…with not a single free hand to pet Max! The audacity.

Since I’ve got a little free time on my hand, I decided to do a little branding brainstorming. Tell me what you think, #ravecats!!

Things That Look Better NEON!

1. Coffee Mugs: who needs a doubleshot when you can stimulate the eyes with technicolor clay?!
2. Caviar: go big or go home! Mix a little food dye with your Caviar Russe and call it a day.
3. Cooking Utensils: who needs all that boring metallic? Live a little humans…at least until you learn how to eat without a tool! 😀
4: Dog Sweaters: just go ahead and double down on this one. Bless their hearts.
5. LITTER: shameless, but obviously accurate, plug here. Make those sandbox breaks the best part of your day!!

Stay bright out there!