Dear Friends,

This fashion thing is ready to take off. And as luck would have it, it’s right around the time of my (UltraPet’s) new NEON Litter launch! Which, dang it all, is just about perfect!

We’re going to have a vibrant, audacious, and absolutely over-the-top NEON Litter runway!! How cool is that?! The models will be dressed to match the #litterart throughout and, worst case scenario, if they have to relieve themselves there will be no rush to make it off stage!

Most importantly, I want to plan an after-party to end all parties. I will invite the who’s who of felines, canines, and pet lovers alike…are you on the list? Only time will tell. If so, make sure you dress in your favorite brights…Max Fashion is not the time to be a wallflower.

See you in the strobe lights,