Hi Friends!!

Wow!! What an exciting week for #NEONlitter and your loyal spokescat Max! We are so thrilled to be heading to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this week and cannot wait to show off all of our new and exciting products…time to RAVE, cat lovers!!

How do you like the table I helped design? Not for nothing, but that IS my face on our gorgeous packaging! Model, writer, and CEO…not bad for a feline who started out on the streets!! Can you blame them though? I am astonishingly photogenic.

Will I see any of you cool cats there? I hope so! If I’m powdering my nose when you visit, please make sure to stop by our station…you won’t regret it! I will make sure the team allows you ample time to create a #litterart masterpiece 🙂

Extra points if it’s a Trump, Clinton, or Kardashian.

See you in Florida!