Well friends,

It has begun. This new artist P. Catso we hired (AGAINST MY WISHES) has it out for me. As the CEO of UltraPet and the house UltraCat, I cannot take these threats lightly.

First, he makes a pass at my ex Sasha within his first five minutes in the corporate office. He asked her if she had plans for the evening or if she would just be at home polishing her pearls…the audacity!!

Second, he did not even eat his $200 in sushi and claimed that he had a late night with his muse…and could therefore only ingest caffeine. Then he had a Snickers bar!

Lastly, when I simply brought up budget for the fifth or sixth time, he told me to close my “corporate mouse trap.”

I seriously cannot with this one. Consider my patience tested. Our photo shoot is tomorrow and one of us may leave without a substantial amount of fur.

Wish me luck,

Instagram @neonlitter for more details!